Current Series

Acts & the Epistles

In 2022, our church began a multi-year, multi-book series on Acts and the Epistles.  We have been going through the book of Acts, and pausing to go through each of Paul’s letters as he writes them.

For the first half of summer 2024, we will be finishing the book of Acts.  Then we will dive into Ephesians.  Come join us as we gather around God’s Word as God’s people!

Romans: The Gospel for Salvation

Recently, our church completed a 32 week series on the book of Romans.  We walked through this epistle verse by verse, chapter by chapter from start to finish. 

Romans will change you.  Romans will challenge you.  And Romans will conform you to the image of Jesus Christ.

The book of Romans is Paul’s robust and detailed explanation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In Romans, Paul details the sin of mankind, salvation in Christ, sanctification, God’s sovereignty, and Christian service.  All of this is written to unite believers with the Gospel.

In addition to the Sunday sermons, there are several companion booklets which will be released throughout the course of this sermon series.  Grab yours to follow along and dive deeper into God’s Word.