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Th'ot for Thursday

May 17, 2018


 So, I continue to see how God wants to reveal things to me through the normal, everyday events in life.


Over the last week to week ½, I’ve been doing some repairs to what I tho’t was going to be a good vehicle purchase. Actually… it turns out it’s needed some work done to to pass inspection – but I’m trusting it will be a good over time!


Last week I was working to replace some worn parts when I realized that this whole project is very much like my personal, daily walk with my Savior. Here’s some of what I was reminded of:


  • The car is important to me… it’s a big purchase.
  • I am important to God… HE purchased me at a great price!
  • To make it run good… it takes a great investment.
  • For me to be all that He’s created me to be… He is invested (for eternity)!
  • I need the right tools to fix my vehicle.
  • God has the “totally – right” tools to “fix” my problems (sin, pride, self-worth, impurities, etc.)… JESUS, the HOLY SPIRIT POWER & HE’s MY CREATOR - KNOWS ME BEST.


  • I totally “run better – live better”… when I allow HIM to work on me! 


Now, I don’t know if that sounds appealing to you… a more peaceful, confident & secure life here as I look forward to an un-describable future for eternity! But, the longer I live this life – I see how God is perfect in how HE “repairs me”, prepping me not just for another day as HIS follower, but as a reflection of my ALMIGHTY GOD!


Give God your “repair list”… HE’s ready to fix everything as HE so wants to use you as HIS “vehicle” for HIS glory!!!


Give HIM your “repair list”… He’s got ‘ya covered for the “eternal inspection”!!!


Love ya!


Pastor Brad