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Just Thinkin’



Yesterday, I went to the Habitat for Humanity Restore here in

Hagerstown, for some material we are using to create something here 

at the church building. Ya’ know, I find that I really like that store. There

is so much to look at & browse thru!  It is truly a battle for me

sometimes … to get away from there after I’ve found what I need! So

many things to see & consider as my imagination goes crazy with

thought of many needs for “home projects” … or maybe the simple

“wants” comes to mind. (ha-ha, Sherie’s gonna’ go crazy if I start another

“project” around the house!)  ?


As I loaded my Equinox & headed back to the church to work, I realized

that I was just given another example of how great GOD is!  And guess

what?  That’s right … I was just thinkin’! 


Now, I had just left a store that specializes in “used” & “imperfect”

products. And it is a busy store!  It’s a place where carpenters, builders

& others donate used building materials, tools, cabinets, furniture,

appliances & day to day items … so the organization can go over

them, clean ‘em up & resell & put back into good use.  And I was “just

thinking” … this is just like what JESUS has done for me!


Jesus has taken a used piece of humanity … cleaned me up & re-

purposed me for use in HIS kingdom! 


He saw value in me.  He didn’t throw me away … even though I was

filthy-dirty with sin. And, HE’s shown me the value of who I am in and

thru HIM!!!!!  And, HE’s proven to me how much HE loves me & wants to

still use me after HE’s restored me. And the greatest thing is … it’s for

HIS kingdom, HIS glory, HIS will & in HIS timing. All according to

HIMHE knows my purpose & HE will show me & use me

accordingly!!!   WHEWWWWW-WEEE – how cool is that?!   In fact, HE

kinda’ does that for me each & every new day … right?   HE has

“repurposed me” for a greater use than anything I could be used for on

my own.


My friend … if you are a follower of Christ, one who is choosing to live

for HIM (no matter who imperfect we all still are). And ya’ see the proof of

your choice being fruitful in your life – then ya’ know HE’s “done” &

“still “doing” the same for you!!!                                    HALLELUJAH!


If ya’ haven’t made the choice to follow HIM & allow HIM to “re-

purpose” your life – you have just as much opportunity to do so as the

next person reading this!   SCHWEEEET!


  • Admit that you’re imperfect before HIM – the One & only HOLY GOD
  • Confess that you know you have displeased HIM due to the sin in your life
  • Simply ask HIM to forgive you of your sin(s)
  • Choose & take action to live this life for HIM & HIS will for you … in place of you living it your way
  • Accept that HE will / has forgiven you … as you “strive to please HIM” with your life


There is no magic potion or magic words that “make you” right with

GOD.  It’s a heart change. A life choice to be “re-purposed” by HIM. And

in giving up your will, your way, your plan before HIM – HE will show

you HIS plans for you & the life HE has for you. Plans that have you “re-

purposed” & usable for HIS kingdom – an ETERNAL KINGDOM with HIM.

One that lasts beyond this life here on earth!


It’s like any other relationship – ‘ya gotta’ step forward & choose to

move forward in it. The exception to the other relationships though – is

that this one changes your life for eternity!


“But GOD demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still

sinners, Christ died for us. Since we have now been justified (made right

with GOD) by his blood, how much more shall we be saved from GOD’s

wrath through him!”     Romans 5:8


I am a product of “HABITAT FOR ETERNITY”!!!!!


I sure hope & pray that you are … or will choose to be one too!


Love ya’s …


Pastor Brad