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July 4, 2019

It’s July 4th… and we as Americans have all kinds of reasons to celebrate our “freedom”. From the ones who have sacrificed life & limb for it – to those who’ve stood & guarded it through all these years, in the many ways we’ve been called locally, nationally & internationally. Our “freedom” is what makes us so different than many other nations!  All our “freedoms” can make us stronger as a people, or sadly weaken us in our self-preservation & pursuit of individual gain at the cost of others!!

Freedom is an invaluable commodity for a nation in its choices as a people and in its laws, religion & politics… as well as our personal choices each day.  And I’m “just thinkin’”…

Throughout our history as a nation… we’ve come to believe that our  personal freedom, gives us a right to “infringe” upon others rights, beliefs & practices. Unfortunately, this mindset has had a lot of impact upon the current divisiveness of our nation.

In our history… the right of some who felt they were a higher race – believed it was their right to sell & own others of a different race. And in our history… we’ve seen our country stand against other nations who felt it was their right & opportunity to overrun other nations or their own people, for their profit & overall good. We are also seeing some… who feel it is their right to live on, dirty up & use up a city’s public property & others personal property, because it’s easier than trying to improve their own situation.  And, still others… who vie for the publics tax dollars to abort their helpless children, because it is “their right”… or call for their right to change societies moral compass on one’s sexuality, gender and desires.


I am not really outspoken in my political views, except for in personal conversations that are brought up. So… this is not really a political post.

Please know, I am fully aware of the exceptions in some of the above listed scenarios. I simply use these scenarios to point out that this countrys… this worlds view & model of “freedom” will never be fully obtained or experienced.

The “freedom” we have as individuals here in the United States… is the best model the world has seen yet. Not perfect at all – but the best attempt as I look over the history of the world. But like many other ideas & history, anything of this world that man/woman are involved in…CANNOT be perfect or perfected.

Because of sin nature of mankind, our so called “rights” are thought to be freedoms. But when our rights negatively infringe on another’s rights, it’s no longer a beneficial “freedom” for all.


There is a true “freedom” that doesn’t infringe on any one group, or race or people. It’s a “freedom” that is available to all – at any point & at any place.  This “freedom” is one that comes thru the true, eternal source of “freedom” - JESUS CHRIST!

Some may say that’s not freedom! To have only one “choice” in how to have a good eternity? Or, that’s not my belief doesn’t change the fact that the only true “freedom” to be found here, or anywhere is thru JESUS CHRIST. And just like we can live in a form of freedom while holding onto old pasts, history & incidents… some don’t want to experience the full “freedom” GOD offers thru JESUS. A freedom from the hurt, damage & unforgiveness of the past… into a “freedom” that leads here & now, as well as into an eternity with HIM.

But GOD… the ONE TRUE GOD, wants everyone to see HIM & choose HIM. It is their “freedom” to choose though.  I praise HIM that someone shared “freedom” thru HIM – with me!

So… if you have been “freed” as well, let’s us live in the power & truth of our “freedom”, while we open ourselves for others to see the HOPE they can have in & thru JESUS as well!

This 4th of July… may we soak in our “freedom” as an American – and then build off of that to share our “freedom” in CHRIST!  We’re not called to hog-tie someone into JESUS. We’re not called to force someone… or even scare someone into JESUS.   We are called to live  before someone, teach someone, introduce someone to JESUS as we let the HOLY SPIRIT guide & reveal himself to them.

Let’s enjoy our “freedom”. Not just this weekend, but every waking day!

Proud to be an American… but even more excited to be HIS!

Pastor Brad