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So, we’re a week away from “Thanksgiving Day”… and we’re all looking forward to kicking back a bit, seeing family/friends & enjoy some goooooood food!


I was “just thinkin’” today, no matter how excited I can get about the day of Thanksgiving – I always end up overstuffing myself & sleepin’ much of the day away!  No matter how hard I try to not do it… it happens!  And over all these years… we can blame that da-gum TRYPTOPHAN. Yep… that crazy chemical in turkey, that makes us all tired & napping after our meal. It’s the culprit. Always has been – we know it!  Or… do we?   I recently did some research. And… here’s what I found:


TRYPTOPHAN is a needed amino acid for our bodies. It makes NIACIN, which is a “D” vitamin our body uses for the digestive process. It is good for our skin, nerves… & even makes’ SEROTONIN. SEROTONIN is good for our mood & provides a feeling of well being & relaxation.  It’s not only helps us feel better, but it helps us sleep better & gives us a higher tolerance for pain. And again, TRYPTOPHAN is needed to produce SEROTONIN.


But TRYPTOPHAN is still the culprit of that hours long “nap” after my meal – right?  Well, a few things still to know about this chemical.


  1. The TRYPTOPHAN in our Thanksgiving turkey… has no more sleep-inducing power, than what is in any other poultry or fish.

In fact…

  1. The TRYPTOPHAN in our turkey… is a bit less than any chicken we eat


So what makes us sooooo groggy then?


“Just Think’” about it. 

  • How many plates do we usually go after at our Thanksgiving meals?
  • How many Thanksgiving meals do many of us take part in on Thanksgiving day?
  • What do man of the foods that we eat contain?


Well, may I attempt to answer these questions for us?


For one… I don’t think I’m the only one who generally gets 2nd helping of a particular food – let alone a whole 2nd plate sometimes. And second… many of us usually hit the turkey at least 2 times in the day. If not the turkey – then the desserts & side dishes.  And thirdly… consider the foods we’re eating. They are usually high in carbs… & high in sugar with the desserts.


And… consider this!  We are already in a state of relaxation by Thanksgiving Day. We’ve slowed down, we’re not working… & we’re most likely “kicked back” enjoying our family & friends. Our mood is better & we’re in a holiday mode.


In reality… TRYPTOPHAN is  not  the culprit!   It seems we just eat tooooooooooo much!  (YUM-YUM!)


So my friends, why do I bring you this information?   Well, because I see the same “mode of blame” going on in the world today – regarding my/our GOD.


May people consider GOD to be the “culprit” to the wrong in this world. Or, at least HE’s a “culprit” in the idea that if HE is so loving – how can HE allow this world to be so “terrible”, “cruddy” or “broken”?


Again, may I answer this question for us?


God’s not the issue. God’s not the One who has caused all the pain, hurt, killing, disease & natural disasters.  All of these are a direct result of sin in this world. It came upon the world thru Adam & Eve – and continues thru all of mankind’s sin.   And yet, we wanna’ blame GOD?   Hmm… that’s just like us. We want things our way, no matter the fact that GOD is greater, wiser & knows what’s best for us!


Hmm… we seem to be similar, to the whole TRYPTOPHAN thing.  We wanna’ blame GOD… and yet we are our own problem. We are in many ways… so sickening full of ourselves.


Let’s not let Thanksgiving pass… & find us so “full or ourselves” that we forget that almighty GOD, is a GOD of goodness!


“Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.

Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits – who forgives all your sins & heals all your diseases,

who redeems your life from the pit & crowns you with love & compassion,

who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.”

Psalm 103:1-5


Love ‘ya saints!


Pastor Brad